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16/09/2019 Home by bearna, I got you, I love this bar, I run to you, Shadows, Look what got save us

23/09/2019 Home by bearna, Shadows, Love me some you, I got you, I love this bar

30/09/2019 Shadows, I love this bar, 3,2,1 for two, Love me some you, I got you, Nothing but you

07/10/2019 I love this bar, Love me some you, You are, I got you, All the king's horses, 3,2,1 for two

14/10/2019 I love this bar, You are, The south, Love me some you, Dixie girl, 3,2,1 for two

21/10/2019 Pas de cours

28/10/2019 Pas de cours

04/11/2019 Love me some you, Nothing but you, Loog what god save us, You are, Bound ta git down

11/11/2019 Pas de cours

18/11/2019 Love me some you, Home by bearna, Nothing but yoy, Look what god save us, The south, Bound ta git down

25/11/2019 You are, Bound ta git down, A honky tonk highway, The south, I got this two, 3,2,1 for two

02/12/2019 The south, A honky tonk higway, Keep it simple, Bound ta git down, You are, Second and heart

09/12/2019 I love this bar, Keep it simple, Bound ta git down, Codigo, The south, A honky tonk highway, Love me some you,

                 You are, 3,2,1 For two 

16/12/2019 Pot de noel

23/12/2019 Pas de cours

30/12/2019 Pas de cours

06/01/2020 A honky tonk highway, Keep it simple, Blue light chasing, Codigo, Shadows, Back to the bar

13/01/2020 Codigo, Blue light chasing, Those were the nights, Keep it simple, A honky tonk highway

20/01/2020 Blue light chasing, Those were the nights, Celtic eagles, Keep it simple

27/01/2020 Keep it simple, Celtic eagles, Single man, Those were the nights, Blue light chasing, Codigo

03/02/2020 Codigo, Celtic eagles, Small town summer, Single man, Those were the night, Blue light chasing

10/02/2020 Single man, Celtic eagles, Beeswing, Those were the night, Small town summer, Second hand heart

17/02/2020 Pas de cours

24/02/2020 Pas de cours

02/03/2020 Pas de cours

09/03/2020 Easy twist, Beeswing, Gone west, Small town summer, Celtic eagles, Single man, Love me some you