En rouge les nouvelles danses

16/09/2019 Coffee days and whiskey nights, Fine, Texas time, Hit the diff, Eyes on you

23/09/2019 Over the moon, Eyes on you, Noise, Fine, Coffee days and whiskey nights, Texas time

30/09/2019 Whiskey bridges, Noise, Homeward bound, Over the moon, Texas time, Fine

07/10/2019 Noise, Homeward bound, Single man, Fine, Over the moon, Whiskey bridges

14/10/2019 Fine, Down on your uppers, Single man, Ghost town, Noise, Homeward bound

21/10/2019 Pas de cours

28/10/2019 Pas de cours

04/11/2019 Down on your uppers, Green river ez, Bloodline, Single man

11/11/2019 Pas de cours

18/11/2019 Green river ez, Bloodline, Bud light blue, Single man

25/11/2019 Bloodline, Bud light blue, Bad fiddling, Single man, Greeriver ez

02/12/2019 Whiskey bridges, Bad fiddling, Codigo, Bloodline, Bud light blue, Texas time

09/12/2019 Bloodline, Bad fiddling, Codigo, Bud light blue, Single man, Fine, Noise

16/12/2019 Pot de noel

23/12/2019 Pas de cours

30/12/2019 Pas de cours

06/01/2020 Codigo, Bud light blue, Cold, Bad fiddling, Single man

13/01/2020 Bloodline, Cold, Cowboys don't cry, Codigo, Bad fiddling

20/01/2020 Codigo, Cowboy don't cry, Get it right, Bloodline, Cold, Bad fiddling

27/01/2020 Cold, Get it right, Safe haven

03/02/2020 Cowboy don't cry, Safe haven, Oh me oh my oh, Get it right

10/02/2020 Cowboy don't cry, Oh me oh my oh, Country thunder, Safe haven, Cold

17/02/2020 Pas de cours

24/02/2020 Pas de cours

02/03/2020 Pas de cours

09/03/2020 Codigo, Country thunder, Almost saturday night, Oh me oh my oh, Get it right, Cowboys don't cry